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UPDATE - 20 November 2023


OSA & MILCUN CALENDAR - We'll be working on the 2024 calendar over the next several months.  


BEST EVER NEWS! - Our book "On Hunting" is available in three formats: soft cover, Kindle e-book, and Audible audiobook. The reviews are great and we're a #1 best seller in several categories. Thanks to all of you who have supported this book! For the rest... it's available on amazon.ca and amazon.com


JUNIOR HUNTER PROGRAM - Was a huge success!

We thank our sponsors:

For the rifle, complete with scope: Clint Harwood

For the shotgun and a huge amount of swag: CSSA (Canadian Shooting Sports Association)

For the shotgun red dot sight, binoculars, monoculars, and swag: Vortex Canada

For the chassis, bipods, banners, and swag: MDT Tac 

For match-grade barrel coupons and swag: IBI Barrels

For any trigger coupon and swag: TriggerTech

For firearm tools and cleaning supplies and swag: Otis Technology

And as always... We thank our volunteers!  


Who we are

We are an association of

  • Civilians,
  • Law enforcement and EMS, and
  • Military personnel

that encourages the operational style of marksmanship training and competition, utilizing modern equipment and techniques.

We welcome all serving or former members of the military and law enforcement agencies as well as civilians of all ages. (See Membership page for complete details.)

Programs & Events

We offer training clinic, structured practices, and competitions for:

  • Duty/service pistol,

  • Tactical/service rifle, and

  • Sniper/precision rifle.

We provide both entry-level and advanced training clinics in these firearms. For each type of firearm, we have designed a progressive course of fire that will develop operational skills for those on active duty and develop marksmanship skills leading to national and international competition for recreational shooters.

See the Events page for details on this year's schedule, as well as further information about the courses of fire, clinic curricula, and match conditions.

At left, the group gathers for range instruction at an OSA Pistol Clinic. At right, the OSA Executive Director competes in a pistol match. OSA Exec Director practices pistol
Police & Security At left, the competitors are given range instructions prior to the Police Marksman Challenge. At right, the OSA Secretary-Treasurer helps coach a Tactical Carbine Clinic.
At left, the shooters prepare to go up on the line for a sniper/precision rifle match. At right, the shooters get instruction in scenario-based pistol shooting from the OSA membership director. Scenario-based pistol match
Shooters & staff enjoy BBQ Lunch At left, shooters and staff enjoy a BBQ lunch during the C3GC (formerly Law Games). At right, the OSA President demonstrates the kneeling position. Tactical rifle kneeling position


Goals and aims

  • To promote marksmanship and safe firearms handling,
  • In an operational-style environment,
  • Utilizing programs and services that provide:
    • Education,
    • Training, and
    • Competition; and
  • To develop good sportsmanship through honesty, self discipline, team play and good fellowship in a group environment.
To learn more about OSA see our Frequently Asked Questions page.


OSA's official birthday is 07 April 2006 and our first event was a Pistol Clinic on 22 April 2006. Our first formal competition was the 3-Gun Match in September 2006... this is the OSA birthday cake enjoyed by the match participants.


OSA logo...

A special thanks goes to Craig McLeod, a "Friend of MilCun" for designing the OSA logo. Craig also designed the MilCun logo and carved the shield awarded to the World Individual F-Class Champion. Craig passed away in 2017 and is sorely missed.

OSA website...

A grateful thank you goes to Keith L, an OSA member, who built the shell for the OSA website and patiently tested and corrected through many content edits. Keith spent many hours on this project and we appreciate his dedication.

Thanks also to Rob L, an OSA member, who has converted our applications and renewals into pdf "fillable forms".

OSA ranges...

OSA uses the MilCun Training Center ranges, which are approved by the CFO (Chief Firearms Office) of Ontario. We are required to maintain the ranges at the pleasure of the CFO and this often costs a great deal of money. We appreciate all the support we get from OSA members and friends, because many of these requirements enable civilian use of the ranges.

OSA We also want to especially thank Founding/Sustaining member Carl B for bringing his wonderful heavy equipment and skill to upgrade the ranges.


OSA Website 2023 OSA and MilCun Training Center (MilCun Marksmanship Complex)

The Operational Shooting Association Inc. (OSA) is incorporated as a not-for-profit under the laws of Ontario Canada and is affiliated with the Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CSSA). MilCun (MilCun Training Center and MilCun Marksmanship Complex) is a licensed firearms business, offering range services, training, publications, consulting and gunsmithing to recreational and professional marksmen.